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Utah's Own

Brought to you by the country’s hottest concepteur Michael McHenry, Utah’s 2022 Restaurateur of the Year Jason Neeley, and the entire TMG Family.

Our Why?

Pica – something that stimulates your appetite and makes you want to come back for more, something with bite, something with spice, something delicious.

Rica- rich & hearty.

What makes barbeque so special to us, and why should you want to know our story?

Well, for us, barbeque isn’t just about the food. Of course, we love the food, but what we love more is the discipline it takes to do barbeque, especially the right way. 

The hours of managing a fire, taking into account the humidity and how it affects a brisket, how seasoned a piece of oak wood is before it goes into the firebox, and how its smoke will pair with a small wood split of apple wood. We love the dedication it takes to keep a barbeque pits temp within 2 or 3 degrees for 15 hours. We especially love that it took 15 years of commitment to a craft that requires attention to detail after detail to get a perfect brisket bark, accounting for texture, the right color, is salty, decadent, tender, and is part of a bite you will never forget. We love that food core-memory of the first time you put that amazing brisket in a housemade, soft, fluffy flour tortilla with fresh salsa. 

For sure, we love the food, but barbeque is more than food, though—a lot more.

Good barbeque will put you next to a stranger on a table, and before you know it, you become friends with a few bites of ribs, sliced beef sausage, and good conversation. It brings your family together to laugh about the good times or cry about the hard times. It’s that image of you as a toddler gumming on your first rib while your grandparents smile with delight. It will bring a whole neighborhood together because that’s what good brisket does! It brings family and friends together! It doesn’t care where you are from or what you think is cool; barbeque only cares about you being together, which means something!

And why do you want to know our story?

Because barbeque is a culture. It’s hard work, dedication, discipline, teamwork, friendship, community, family, and, most importantly, love. We put in the work and spend the long nights, and attention to detail because we love what barbeque is. It is a passion for us, and where there is passion, there is love. 

Here at Pica Rica, we are marrying the culture of Mexican cuisine with authentic central Texas-style barbeque. It’s our version of Americana barbeque, which brings people together as a “Family”; Familia = barbeque.

We hope you see, feel, and taste the love because our love runs deep.

This is for our families, our communities, and each other; our Neighborhood!

So much Love, So much barbeque.

Our Team