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Dining Room Host

Pica Rica dining room hosts run our dining room. Literally. There must always be a high sense of urgency and intentionality. 

The dining room hosts collectively fulfill the roles of bussers and runners. Hosts must work intentionally to turn tables while always “keepin’ it REAL” and protecting our guest experience. 

The dining room host is responsible for cleaning and bussing the guest tables in our dining room. Therefore, they must be well organized, courteous to our guests, keep the cleanliness standards of pica rica, and work well with others. 

Responsibilities & Tasks:

• Clear any existing trays and disposables.
• Throw away any leftover food and drink and disposable silverware.
• Perform the following duties up to Pica Rica table cleaning standards:
• Cleaning condiment bottles using a clean sani-towel to clean the outsides and tops of bbq sauce bottles.
• Move sauce bottles in order to clean the table underneath them.
• Refill sauce bottles as needed. 

Host Etiquette

• Greet everyone who comes in genuinely.
• Get to know our regulars.
• Be engaging.
• Our guests should never have to ask for anything or leave their table to get assistance.
• Get their feedback on their specific menu choices.
• Know the menu and always be suggestive and helpful.
• Menu items sizes and our guest’s appetite.
• What items are gluten-free, vegan, and contain common allergens
• What items are popular among other guests, your favorite, and daily features.
• Hosts must manage multiple tables at a fast pace.
• R.E.A.L. Hospitality standards must be present at all times.
• Always keep open communication between other hosts.
• Tables that need bussing.
• Missing or incorrect food.
• Additional food orders.