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BBQ Cutter

The BBQ cutter is responsible for the operation of the BBQ pits and the meat station at Pica Rica. They assist in smoked meat preparation, inventory, receiving, and storage of all food and supply products. 

The BBQ cutter also performs required sanitation and kitchen cleaning to the standards of Pica Rica. The BBQ cutter works on ensuring excellent food product and consistency of that product. 

The BBQ cutter is an effective part of the Pica Rica experience and is the point of contact that drives the guest experience. The BBQ cutter must maintain and execute the highest degree of both service and hospitality.


• Understands and can communicate the Pica Rica menu 100%.
• Maintains a positive and welcoming attitude during the entire shift with guests.
• Understands and can communicate with guests that may have questions about ordering, dietary restrictions, and food quality.
• Strives for accuracy and efficiency when cutting meat orders.
• Assists in preparation of menu items and food preparation.
• Cleans and sanitizes kitchen areas as assigned, according to the daily and weekly cleaning schedules.
• Responsible for BBQ cutter station and kitchen cleaning to Pica Rica standards.
• Understands the kitchen and prep areas and follows safety and sanitation policies.
• Understands group/catering meal food preparation and packing.
• Understands temperatures and quality checks.
• Understands and utilizes sanitation requirements for food handling and storage.
• Cooperates with the BBQ cashiers to ensure orders are delivered in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.
• Reports to work on time and in uniform.
• Performs other tasks and duties required to successfully and efficiently operate the kitchen.